The project

The aim of this project is to collect experiences and exchange methodologies in mentoring teachers in prison education. A mentoring program contributes to the quality of the practice of new and experienced teachers, not merely their retention in a special environment as a correctional facility. Moreover, the experiences of other Grundtvig projects on prison education shows that an ongoing, comprehensive mentoring program could go a long way toward achieving the broader potential of stimulating students and teachers towards prison education.

This project wants to focus on two major kinds of support which are considered necessary by researchers and practitioners: psychological support and instruction-related support (Feiman-Nemser, 1999). Both categories of support have been found critical for new teachers who come to an array of new responsibilities with little time and few resources to direct toward transitioning into those responsibilities.

The results will lead to a workshop on M_TIPE, dissemination all the materials produced on both paper and multimedia supports (CD Rom, video and so on) and published on the project website.

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